“Glass Ceilings” are to be Broken

Sheri McConnell, www.sherimcconnell.com, spoke about the “glass ceiling” in internet marketing in her blog of January 22, 2008.  
Yes, I think that there is a glass ceiling, but it is definitely shatterable, more easily than in offline , brick and mortar business. Internet marketing is newer, largely populated by individual/small business. These business are flexible, sleeker, make and implement decisions faster, and are more open to differences.
A highly acclaimed and really wonderful internet marketer/speaker confided at a seminar that I attended   that he and other successful people look for others like themselves. They do this, not to close ranks, but to make it easier to judge the morals and values of others. It’s kind of like buying brand name products. If they also have a couple of kids at home with a wife that leads (or follows) the “home” front, they can more easily relate. If he then shares a story that could have happened in his house, he feels safe that he can trust this person.   By the way, I’m not defending this; I’m understanding it.
Look, you know, as soon as you become a little successful or even smell of success, people gravitate to you. Many of the women that attend these conferences are “newbies”, not clear on how to proceed yet; that’s why they are there. The big guys are polite, but distant.   They are with the men also, but not as much. Because, percentage wise, the men take action more quickly. Now I may be all wet on that; I pulled that statistic out of the air.
On the other side of the coin: Women are less likely to toot their own horn. Less of them. We women also gravitate to the men more readily. We find it hard to believe how successful some of us are. On top of that, because so many of us are doing internet marketing to be at home, we are less likely, less often to attend seminars. Many of us are at home caretaking someone while we’re making a bundle on the internet. So, we are less visible. And visibility increases credibility – assuming we make effective presentations.
Sheri says that she couldn’t get any from a dozen men she asked to speak at her “My Millionaire Friends.” (Do you have to be an Internet Millionaire, or just a Millionaire.)
I assume she did some creative approaches to interest these speakers. i.e. Finding out their favorite charity and making a donation, or sending their favorite kind of pizza, etc. I do know that the men do such things to make a connections they value. They also, even when they have established a large reputation, pay for the coaching of someone they feel can teach them. That’s how they make business/personal relationships.
Also, to get them to speak, you would need (and I’m sure you did) promise them a large and receptive audience so that they can make money selling their product at the back of the room. Also, when there’s a 2nd and 3rd Annual Conference, all speakers are more open to presenting.  Yes, I know you know this Sheri. It’s that the women were more receptive, you say.  I agree. First of all we have less opportunities, and it’s probably more our nature.
I have met some really awesome men in internet marketing that are sensitive to women — to the extent that a man can be aware/sensitive. It isn’t their strongest suit, but they try.
When I get my audio links up on this site, Sheri would definitely be an interesting person to interview.
She says in her blog,"I think I will be renaming my new company My Millionaire Friends to My Millionaire GIRLfriends soon since the boys don’t want to come out and play anyway."  My Millionaire GIRLfriends has a nice ring to it.
And without being political, I wonder what a difference it would make, if Hillary Rodham Clinton were elected. A woman president – would it make a difference?

Time to Absorb and Evaluate and Plan

Someday, I am going to add a day onto every seminar/workshop I go to and not tell anyone. No phones will ring. First, I will work out in the hotel gym cause I never have the time to work out during the workshop. No phones will ring. And then I would hole up in my room and transcribe my notes, apply what’s appropriate to my business and make a clear to-do list with deadlines. No phones will ring.  Get a good night’s sleep. Wake up refreshed and go home ready to implement.

Needless to say, I jumped back into life today with barely a blink

Continuing Education for Entrepreneurs

Internet marketing is completely fascinating to me. I could do without all of the technical stuff, but the ability to reach huge numbers of people and offer them some product/service that will enhance their life is pretty exiting. Additionally, it’s a new frontier. Plus, you make your own hours.  Actually, right now, my hours tell me I’m exhausted after 3 full days of Information and networking.

Christina Hill, the Shopping Cart Queen was at the Idea Incubator Seminar this weekend also. These seminars are like continuing education for entrepreneurs—highly valuable and stimulating.
I do notice that the successful people, like Christina, do seem to take time to further their education at seminars. This information is not available elsewhere.   
I interviewed Christina in December and found her very insightful. When I figure it out, it will have the audio for you here.

A Woman Presenter at an Internet Marketing Seminar

I’m spending the weekend commuting to Anaheim to Stu McClaren’s Idea Incubator Seminar. It’s a great internet marketing seminar.  And guess what, there was a woman presenter who used recipe analogies instead of football analogies for a change. She was part of a married duo, Michel and Sylvie Fortin. They presented well together, and I learned something. Well, it’s impossible not to learn something from each one of the presenters. But my special welcome to Sylvie, a woman in front of the room.

Imagine: Women’s Values Given More Credence

I’m getting so much encouragement about focusing on issues of Empowerment – for women. By empowerment, I mean whatever can bring an individual to action that is in synch with that person’s goals, without imposing mine/anyone’s notion of what that action “should be”.

 The question is do we women know what we need to be empowered. I suspect the answer is yes and no. We know a lot of it, but there’s some gap in our analysis and understanding. We have to start somewhere. Let’s start with what we know. Yet, at the same time, make some space in our lives and psyches for creative pondering on the bigger question. What kind of society do we want to create – allowing that we what the ‘power’ that would not be bound by the parameters set out in the male-dominated society in which we live. If we ask the right questions and leave space for the answers, we could create a society that would be better for both men and women and all the various minorities that enrich our experience. What a neat place to hang out in your brain for a little bit. 

The Empowerment of Women

Okay, I have ten minutes to write a blog entry. I simply have to share this. I have two friends that I meet with once or twice a year. It’s probably been about ten years that we’ve been doing this. Sometimes we go away for the weekend or go for an afternoon picnic. Today we gathered around the fireplace in my living room and had lunch outside on the patio with the two outside heaters on while the sun came out in its winter gloriousness to warm us further.

Each time we meet, the three of us take turns talking about our goals for the year and how we plan to attain them. We give and get suggestions. It’s wonderful. The different perspective, the warm encouragement, the direct evaluation is all invaluable.
Thank you Pat and Patsy.
I talked about this blog and fumbled around my intentions and plans until I blurted out that I’m all about Women’s Empowerment. I want to write about it, I want to interview about it, I want to speak about it, and mostly, I want to encourage women to become equal partners in this society through entrepreneurship. That’s where it’s at. It’s the absolute clearest I’ve been. The Empowerment of Women–yes, I’m getting more ideas. However, the then minutes are up; more to come later.

My Hat’s Off to All the Women Entrepreneurs

 It’s been a while since my blog was set up. The technology and my soul searching for direction brought my writing to a recess.

Recess is over. I’ve chosen my platform and my direction. Let the writing begin. I will be giving my perspective on the place of women in our society, particularly in our entrepreneurial society, and most especially in the internet marketing society.
I will be interviewing women I admire and sharing their thoughts with you. I always welcome your feedback.
I will talk about some of the emails that I receive, articles that I read, books, TV (though I’m not watching that much these days), and conversations that I have with men and women.
I’ll discuss issues like "What about the “glass ceiling” "— What is it?  Does it exist?  If so, how can women shatter it rather than be victimized by it.
Anyway, you get the idea. You may hear about Hilary Rodham Clinton or my granddaughter, but you’ll be getting my perspective as well as the women I interview and write about.
 I’m excited. See you next blog.