My Mt. Everest | September 2006 Newsletter

My Mount Everest: September, 2006
Merle M. Singer, Founder

It’s Monday night 9/18/06. I’m noodling on paper (electronic paper) feeling my way to my September edition of My Mt. Everest. I’m trying to guide myself to a smoother, less hurried, last minute publication.

Starting with my random thoughts, I said to myself, “I love my life.” But how can that be? My life is filled with stress and fear of failure and regrets and uncertainty, yet the really dominant thought – underlying, overlaying – is “I love my life.” It even makes me the slightest bit misty.

The Passion Test

I just bought “The Passion Test” by Chris and Janet Atwood and would be reading it if I weren’t writing this. The book weaves parts of Janet’s life (and probably Chris’s as I read on) into and around the ideas that they are putting forth. I love how she got herself out there, traveling, meeting people of note. Talking with successful (in all its many meanings) people can only accelerate and deepen our learning curve. I didn’t get that concept until much later in life. Instead of thinking outside the box, I grew up being taught to hunker down and nest in the box. More is changing for me than just technology.

Anyway, the title says it all. I’m only on page 16. Gotta take that Passion Test. I’m not exactly looking for my passion. I’ve got plenty of free floating passion looking for somewhere to lite. Go to if you are interested.

Seminars are Adult Education

Many of you may know that I have, of the last few years, attended seminars on a variety of subjects, from self improvement to real estate to internet marketing to free cheap travel, and multiple streams of income, etc. It’s an interesting way to learn things as compared with another Master’s degree, or PhD or simple extension courses. First of all, there is no grade. No one else tells you what you learned or what you should have learned. It’s not about the grade, it’s about how have you integrated this information in your life. Only each person can answer that. Just that very fact appeals to me. I could study for college course tests; I have great short test memory. That is the problem. I have short-term memory only. By next week, it’s all gone.

Actually as I attended more seminars, my networking/ people meeting skills increased and I have made a few wonderful new friends. For example, Megan Orlando left another event and missed Wayne Dyer and brought two friends with, to see my last stand up comedy performance. What wonderful support. I have a great cadre of friends that I am always grateful for.


As the story unfolds, I met someone, or better said, one of the people I met, impressed me as someone who had character, as opposed to me who is a character – that’s a joke; laugh, don’t nod. He seemed to have great insight and shared his space, if that makes any sense to any of you. I hope it does, cause it wouldn’t be easy for me to explain.

Anyway, I found out that he was embarking on a grand project called “Guerrilla Marketing to the Masses.” I know most of you haven’t heard of Guerrilla Marketing, but Jay Conrad Levinson’s book was recommended to me about 15 years ago when I was selling insurance and investment products to small business people. It still is THE marketing book for the small businessperson, and now there are many books that Jay Conrad Levinson has co- authored since.

Well, the person I met was Jay Aaron, and he was/is co-authoring this book about exploding your customer base and skyrocketing your profits with the use of teleconferencing and more. He was looking for an intern and I was looking for experience and start up knowledge. I’ve since graduated to Assistant Project Manager. Being water boy/girl is underrated. Every job, task, pain in the butt piece of the project is full of lessons to be learned that will move me forward.

Go see what I’ve been working on

I’m having a wonderful time, even when things are annoying. I have to give you the website to visit.

When you use the form on that page to submit your name and e-mail, I’ll keep you informed of what’s happening with this project, whether you enroll in it or not. Opting in will immediately send you to the information/registration page for this project. I really want you to see this, just to get a sense of what I’m writing about.

Guerrilla Marketing to the Masses

You very well may not be interested. But I find it fascinating. The book will be written from the text of a series of 16 teleseminars given by various experts in their fields. The one that you may know is Mark Victor Hansen, the Chicken Soup Guru. Check out the site, and pass it on to those you know who might be interested. And please use the URL above, since if anyone who uses that link does enroll, I’ll receive an affiliate referral commission. Ah, to make my first dollar on the Internet will be joyful indeed.

But the point of telling you all of this is to say that as much fun as I am having, I haven’t identified my passion. I suppose there are pieces of it that I know. I do enjoy learning, I do enjoy being in the eye of the storm and being a part of developing, if not birthing, midwifing. I do enjoy talking with people – people successful in an arena I enjoy and admire, so much the better. I am enjoying working with Jay Aaron.


I have so many wonderful women friends, but my most successful partners on projects in business and the community has been with men. Why is that? The best I can figure is that I am learning skills that I can bring back to my husband, Nathan, to help him promote his artwork. Nate does fantastic work, and isn’t getting the exposure and renown that is appropriate to an artist of his calibre. It’s just not that easy to partner with a husband on any project that you both care deeply about – at least not for me.

I’m much smarter than I used to be about being a spouse in general, let alone in a partnership project that involves his creative integrity. I’m still not smart enough for that yet. I think this project with Jay Aaron will bring me closer. Anyway, I’m having fun, learning and meeting people.

Women Making Successes

One of the things I already learned from this project is the amount of successful women in internet marketing. Our (notice, I’m taking ownership already) series will include Janet Atwood, who has a light sense of humor and listens, hears, and acknowledges. I still smile when I think of her. Jody Colvard,, is someone I had lunch with at Armand Morin and Alex Mondossian’s “Customer Appreciation Seminar” earlier this year. Jody is fearless, warm, accomplished, friendly, genuine. Fran Harris, ,is an unassuming, accommodating, charming, accomplished woman. Just these three, and there are more. And look what I talk about: Not what they do, but who they are. You can find out for yourself about their areas of expertise. Check the website URL above if you’re curious.

Where’s My Passion

I just can’t image what fun I will have when I find my passion. Please don’t anyone go naming your dog or cat Passion, and then be telling everyone frantically that you lost your Passion. (It’s a quirk in my character that I am compelled to tell stupid jokes, but the quirkiest quirk is that I read them to myself and laugh out loud – yes, I’m laughing out loud as I write.)

I have been scouring thru “The Passion Test,” looking for a quote to steal. They have a bunch of good ones, but the one I choose for me is a quote from the veritable duo, Chris and Janet Atwood, “Every moment is a gift, when we stay open to what is appearing now.” That most closely describes me now; and yes, I agree every moment is a gift.


Can it be? Have I finished an e-letter in advance. In time to have edited by high school colleague, Sandy Miley, re-found compliments of the Internet, related to a reunion that neither of us attended. Isn’t that neat?

So how can I have all this free-floating passion and joy with no specific object of my passion (aside from my husband, children, grandchildren, and many good friends). I’m gonna finish the book and report back to you. Stay tuned to more about the my personal Passion Test in future volumes.

Actually, I think I am living my passion – at least to a great extent. It’s always in process. To quote of my friend, Pat Allison: ” Merle, you have a hunger to explore, to learn.” Who knew!?

And here’s the unquote of the month. I am paraphrasing a psychologist that had a radio talk show many years ago and had a practice that included many people from the entertainment field. He said that the performer performs; the critic evaluates. And it’s never the same person. So I trust you are right, Pat. Thank you.