My Mt. Everest | May 2009 Newsletter

My Mount Everest: May, 2009
Merle M. Singer, Founder

I want to be everyone and do every job. Do you? – Merle Singer


I just watched Bill Moyer’s Journal on PBS. He had on Michael Perino and Simon Johnson, both educators.The talk was about the current financial situation.

I loved that no one was arguing. Both men added to each other’s ideas; they didn’t impune each other. (Should I tell you that I was on the treadmill while I was watching. Nah, not necessary.)

All of the men expressed themselves so well, it was enjoyable to listen and learn.

It reminded me of a quirk that I have, and I wonder if other people do as well. Let me see if I can sum this up: I want to be everyone and do every job. Each man on that program did such an outstanding job that I wanted to do each of their roles.

For that matter, I want to be president of every large corporation and nonprofit. I’d like to hold most public offices – the bigger, the better. I’d like to be a part of every think tank, especially if they think things.

Not only do I want to be everyone who has achieved success in their area; I feel badly that I haven’t done that.

I was never interested in sciences. I left that to my brother. But I’ve seen a couple of plays about nuclear physicists, and the science is fascinating.

Actually, anyone that is passionate and studies any particular science—social, physical, etc—is enviable.

How about the arts? I was raised to believe that the arts were luxury – pleasant, but not necessary. It certainly wasn’t something serious that responsible people did for a living if they were going to participate in the great joys of familyhood.

I was interested in art, which they honored by getting me art lessons, but what was I really going to do when I grew up?

My mother stopped piano lessons, because I didnt practice enough. And I never was able to get drumstoo noisy.

But don’t you just envy the way musicians can play not just their instrument, but lots of different ones -and well?! I just want to learn to carry a tune.

And dancing, oh dancing. I definitely want to be on "Dancing With The Stars." I would be fabulous – with just a few short years of intensive lessons.

It seems so natural for me to feel this way, that I can’t imagine what it’s like to not want to grab every experience.

Actually, when I was a kid, and my family went to visit other people’s houses, I always went to visit their bathroom. It would be rude to ask to see their bedroom or other private rooms, but they have to give you access to the bathroom.

It was just interesting to see the differences – the colors, the tiles, the towels, shelves, how they hung the wash cloth in the shower. Look, I didn’t get around that much. I had to find something different and novel that I wouldn’t usually have access to.

I guess it stands to reason that I look at every car and wonder what it would be like to drive it – especially the cute little ones and the big luxury ones. I want to live in every house condo and houseboat- at least for a while. I’d love to live in each country at least for 6 months or a year. Wouldn’t it be great to speak every language?!

And whats wrong with me? I don’t want to read every book, not every book, not most of the kids booksthough some would be worthwhile.

How about reading a book a week? I know people that do that; they swear by it. I should do that.

Right now, Im concentrating on writing somethingthoughts for my book, or a blog post – and publishing it somewhere, five days a week.

Maybe after I do that for a while with ease and routine, Iíll get back to my major passion, to be everyone and do every job.

How about you?