My Mt. Everest | January 2007 Newsletter

My Mount Everest: January, 2007
Merle M. Singer, Founder

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

Anais Nin
The Diary of Anais Nin, Volume 3 (1939-1944)
[Contributed by Elle Oliver]

It’s 2 weeks after the due date for my January e-letter. I’m late&emdash;definitely late, the latest I’ve been so far. I’ve blithefully gone about my busy business noticing, but doing nothing. Finally, tonight, I am packed for a weekend seminar and it’s only 9 PM.

Booming Women InPowerment Tour

I have time to think and voila!, I realize that I have got to let you know about Fran Harris and her “Booming Women InPowerment Tour.” It’s in Los Angeles, February 23-25, 2007.

Check it out NOW and see if you are interested in attending. CLICK HERE to go to the “Booming Women” Web site. If you sign up, I will get an affiliate fee, and I will see you there. Let me know, and I’ll look for you.

My First Teleconference Interview

One reason I blamed for not getting my January e-letter out on time is that I was preoccupied with a tele-interview I committed to doing in January.

I interviewed “Anita” (her interview name) about what are the common threads of courage that people like herself who managed to escape a difficult childhood constructively via the convent to higher education and out of the convent to a love relationship, a PhD and a career helping international torture victims re-enter normal society in the United States.

The degrees of difficulty were significantly different, but the approach was similar. These women had a limit to their personal mourning time before they moved on to dealing with the reality of their situation. Each may have been victims of situations, but everyone was a victor of her own life.

It is so inspiring. That interview did take up time and energy. I loved doing it, though I need improvement as an interviewer, I will definitely do more.

I’m thinking of the theme of “Hidden Heroes.”

What do you think?


Telegraphing My Punch

But the real reason I am late with this e-letter, I believe, has more to do with the fact that I scared myself with my last e-letter with it’s commitments that I made of things to get done this year.

In fact, I received a beautiful letter from my step-daughter. Aside from the warm, loving words that she often shares with me (I am truly blest), she mentioned that with the last e-letter, I gave her an insight into what I am doing before I do it. In other words, she always sees the results of what I do without being privy to my intentions, commitments, goals. Oh, my my, she was so right.

I have historically held my dreams close to my vest. If you know what I had in mind, you will know if I fail. Ugh, my dark ugly insides. Yet, lots of people have those feelings as I do.

However, all the leadership gurus, all the books and tapes say to the effect: “Declare yourself.” The more you talk about what you are planning, the more likely you are to bring it into existence. And that’s not voodoo or spiritual mumbo jumbo. It really makes sense.

If we talk about our goals all the time, it’s on our mind. We tend to do what’s on our mind. If we talk about it all the time, then we share it with other people that are willing to help us when they know what we need/want.

Last edition, I talked about having an Internet presence in 2007, and I will. I will share more about that in a later edition.

What Could Hamper my Progress?

I mentioned that what could hamper my progress is my lack of self confidence. Yes, I know that many of you who know me, are scratching your head and saying that it doesn’t quite compute. It doesn’t fit with my accomplishments and my personality (when I show it). As best as I can figure, it’s the last vestige of my childhood thinking patterns inhaled from my parents. They also were very competent, but never quite satisfied with themselves.

My Plan

So my goal is to step into my true value, and I have a plan.

I am taking all the seminars of Clinton Swaine ( that I can fit into my schedule. His approach to teaching business fundamentals is experiential game playing. This is putting me into situations where I can practice putting myself out there.

It’s a bigger challenge for me than my singing Parlor Performance or my comedy routine. FOLLOW THIS LINK to check it out.

I’ve already participated one of Clinton’s workshops and shriveled. I didn’t shine. You wouldn’t have recognized me; I didn’t recognize me &endash; except from very long ago.

It’s my commitment for is next weekend seminar (February 19 – 21, 2007) to expand. When in doubt, shout it out.

I was listening to Brian Tracy tapes that Clinton lent me, and Brian says that if you want to accomplish something that you haven’t accomplished ever before, you will need to develop some skill or ability that you never had before. You need to see what skills other people have who are successful where you want to be. Then develop those skills.

Developing a Self-Confidence Technique

One skill that Clinton helped me identify at the last “Pay to Play” workshop was to learn how to have your past accomplishments at the ready to buoy you when your ship’s rocking.

He helped me start a list of “Merle Accomplishments” (I’m up to 70) that I have at bed-side, desk-side and automobile-side.

I read it several times a day. Because when we are challenged with something we don’t know if we can do, our mind goes back to our last failure, and we can’t even remember our successes. This technique counteracts that.

All or Nothing at All

Then there was the first Dr. Phil show I’ve seen in several months. He warned a guest about putting forth a 30% effort.

Just putting forth an effort isn’t good enough to make the significant changes I’m looking for. It has to be a 100% effort and that is dang uncomfortable.

Wish me 100% effort this weekend at Clinton’s seminar. I’ll keep you posted.

As you see, I’m sharing more “in advance” events.

Here I go.