My Mt. Everest | August 2007 Newsletter

My Mount Everest: August, 2007
Merle M. Singer, Founder

Dear MyMtEveresters,

I haven’t written an edition in 2 months. I’ve tried a couple of times. I would write something and save it, but let it disappear into the computer – most likely , never to reappear.

I’m just not into angst writing and I’m not quite ready to talk about what I’m currently working on.

But I did get my shorts in a bunch recently. I saw something that was really impressive and no one has written about it. There are no revues. The arts section of the Los Angeles Times is otherwise engaged. Why aren’t people bragging about all the talent we have in L A.? What I saw is well worth talking about.

I went to the Barnsdall Art Museum to see my husband’s art piece on display. What I saw was an exhibit of 600 paintings. Barnsdall had an open call. That means anyone who wanted, could enter a piece of artwork. If no one was refused, you would figure that half the work would be junk. 600 people stood in line for hours to bring a piece of their soul to exhibit. 600 pieces; no junk.

Plus, I did recognized two names: Nathan Singer, mi amore, and Sloane Kanter, daughter of friends. Of course, both of those pieces were fabulous. That was not surprising to me.

What was surprising was that the other 598 pieces were also fabulous. There was the portrait of a woman with a bird in a cage in her mind; the piece was called Freedom. Maybe it meant that the woman was a birdbrain, or that we think we are free when we are really thinking in a cage, or that we are as free as we think we are. I don’t know; but I liked the piece.

There were two paintings of horses by different artists, side-by-side. Neither painting had the entire horse. In one you saw the horse’s face with rich brown colors turned toward you. The other painting had muted brown tones that created the feeling of swiftness of the running horses.

There were big, bright abstract pieces, great photo art, neon, moveable blocks that currently spells out “poop”. I thought about changing it to “oops”, but I didn’t.

All the life studies were in a separate room in case you wouldn’t want your child to see it &endash; though that wouldn’t be my choice. Nathan’s piece was an impressionist self-portrait with tiny nudes that make up the color palate of his face wearing the boxy skull cap we bought in Israel.

Why is it that this phenomenal exhibit was not revued in any Los Angeles paper? Can we be so blaise here that we are not duly impressed that Los Angeles spawns artists so prolifically that 600 worthy artists can flutter together in a beautifully hung show that 10 people at a time come to see? My bubba (grandmother) would say: “What a shonda!”

Create your life style on the go. In Los Angeles, every day is it’s own piece of art. Take a Sunday off, Go to the Hollywood Farmers Market. Have lunch in an outside café (if you can avoid the smokers) .

Pack a lunch and have a picnic on the Barnsdall museum grounds and then go see the exhibit.

4800 Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90027-5390
(323) 644-6269

When you stop into the show, pick one piece that you like and buy it – while these artists are still unknown. The prices are not listed as being for sale but the gallery people will have the artists get in touch with you.

And while you’re at th e Barnsdall, visit Hollyhock House, the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece of design.

Then find yourself a place to listen to music for free or cheap. They’re all around the city.

We work so hard to make money and create a comfortable life style. Let the Unknown Exhibit in the Little Known Gallery in Barnsdall Art Park be your entrée to the lifestyle of your soul.