Mediocrity is Malnourishing

I love this comment to my May E-Letter (especially the end):

I thought I was the only one holding back my light because I wouldn’t be liked if I let it shine.  Come to realize you experience that, too, so how many other women do?  How many go through life being mediocre because we learned that is the way to play the game?  I think we learned a faulty lesson, illogical, torturing, and completely malnourishing to ourselves and to others. 
I love how you question yourself as to why you aren’t the CEO to G.E., etc.  You must have taken a recording of one of my inner-voices.  "Shouldn’t I be a famous artist by now?  I am already 34.  Is it too late to win a gold in the Olympics for gymnastics?  How about that novel I will win the Pulitzer with that will touch the hearts of millions?"  Something that I remind myself is not that I am young and have plenty of time.  I remind myself that, as somebody who idolizes nature, I am a part of nature, and thus, to use your word, magnificent, regardless of what I have done, am doing, or will do.  Simply to be a part of the miracle that is this universe makes me, and you, divine.  I do truly believe this, but realize it is buried under an immense amount of crap, so sometimes I overlook it.