Amazing Women are Strong Enough to be “Women”

What a day I’ve just had. I spent the morning and afternoon at the Skirball Museum attending the Amazing Woman’s Day put on by an Amazing Woman, of course, Marsh Engle. It was a magical day with about 200 women supporting each other as women, not men wannabees.   Inspiring.

Already a lovely day, and yet there’s more. My husband took me out on a date. We went to eat at Charcoal and then went to the ArcLight to see “Michael Clayton”. What a movie, not my usual comedic preference, but well worth the price of admission. It was another version ofErin Brockovich—only this time the woman was the badie, not the goodie.
When women try to fit into the man’s mold, they don’t fit. This woman, Karen Crowder, was a head of a company and ordered people killed to save —- what????? Money? A career? A company? Nothing worth a life – or really more than one life, but just go see the movie, and you’ll understand..
The character, Karen Crowder, did it alone with no one as her counsel –corrupt, totally corrupt.   Without someone as your sounding board, without saying your thoughts and plans outloud, you miss possibly the most important element to your ideas, objectivity. Keeping thoughts solely to yourself is like keeping them locked in a closet. When you share and speak them outloud, it’s like bringing them into the bright, clear, no nonsense, daylight.
It made me so sad. But then I remembered 200 Amazing Women.