Go See the Play, Hillary Agonistes, before June 1,2008

I just saw a play by a friend, Nick Salamone. It’s called Hillary Agonistes. I recommend that you go see it. It’s at the Studio/Stage, at 520 N Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA.  Tickets are only $20 and it’s here till June 1, 2008. Sorry for the late notice. I was so impressed with it thoughtfulness and great acting; a lot of it by Nick.

It is per review, "part Greek tragedy, part blackest comedy, Hillary Agonistes tells the cautionary tale of Hillary Clinton, newly elected President of the United States. One bright spring day 65 million people disappear – First Husband Bill among them. Is it the rapture? Pat Robertson, Stephen Hawking, a Papal emissary, the Antichrist and a Muslim convert named Chelsea offer their opinions as Hillary agonizes and attempts to avert Armageddon."

If you see it, Let me know your thoughts. I’ll pass them along.